iconListing Products with Filters

While Walmart Management is similar to Amazon Management, they are different in one major aspect. Walmart does not need product mapping, as your products get their own pages and do not get grouped together on one listing like Walmart. Because of that, you can list all your products at once based on filters.

That being said, Walmart takes much of their product validation from Amazon.com and may require you to list with your Amazon ASINs. This is especially the case if you do not have UPC codes. If you have an Amazon account with us, we automatically list your products onto Walmart.com using the ASINs you have mapped in the Amazon Management interface.

Below list some of the filters that you can list based on. You can change your filters at any time, and that will adjust the feed to the new filters, and any products that were put on Sears previously that do not fit within your new filter settings will become out of stock.

  • Remove products based on words or phrases in the title or description
  • Remove products based on profit percent or margin
  • Filter out products based on weight
  • Filter products based on a price range
  • Filter out products within categories or manufacturers
Within the main configuration screen you can set filters on which products will go to Walmart.

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