What makes Product Feed Manager so special?

  • iconAutomated Product Import

    Product Feed Manager supports multiple e-commerce solutions for an automated import from your website, or you can choose to automate an import from a file (or group of files) automatically.

    Learn more about Flat File Import

iconFeed Specific Program Options

  • Custom Promotional Messages
  • Coupon Code Promotion
  • Add / remove store categories
  • Add / remove store manufacturers
  • Use Google Analytics Tracking
  • Tag URL's with custom parameters
  • Quantity filter for feed generation
  • Ability to trim product descriptions
  • Ability to set price range of items
  • Specify custom shipping rates
  • Set Minimum Bids based on Category or Manufacturer
  • Eliminate products by keywords in titles / descriptions

iconCategory Mapping

  • Map several different stores categories in one click
  • Adjustable category drill-down views to rapidly assign categories accurately

iconSchedule Your Feeds to Run Automatically

  • Ability for shopping feeds to be built daily
  • Ability to schedule automatic daily import
  • View Feed Building History
  • Ability to automate your entire process!!

iconReporting Features

  • Ability to view all items within store and search and remove any item applicable to all feeds
  • View Monthly or Daily Clicks per shopping feed
  • Real-Time Graphs available, line and 3d pie
  • Search by IP address to see click path of any visitor
  • Search by SKU to see item popularity, conversion and source of traffic for that item
  • View overall daily traffic with search engine terms queried
  • Compare monthly / daily traffic for each active feed
  • View Real-Time ROI on each product based on product margin
  • View URL's of inbound pages from shopping engines
  • View Cost of Clicks on each shopping engine and Real-Time Operating Cost
  • Get e-mailed custom daily, weekly or monthly reports on traffic
  • Automatically remove non performing products from your feeds (Gold Only)
  • Learn more about Enhanced Reporting Features
  • Learn more about Real Time Graphs

iconOptimize Your Feed, Override Titles, Descriptions, Prices and Quantities

  • Increase visibilty by improving Titles & Descriptions
  • Override your products titles and descriptions

icon Completely Customizable Feed Management

Feeds can be customized for you and scheduled to run whenever you want

  • We can support any website that requires a feed
  • Minimal setup time
  • Simple and Efficient

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