iconFormula Based Pricing

When you first list your products on Amazon, you can do it either by listing your current price on Amazon, or by listing on Amazon based on a pricing formula to price above or below your current pricing either by a dollar value or percentage..

Once you have added your products, you can then do price changes across the board on your products, either maintaining your pricing formulas, or price against competition on Amazon.

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icon Pricing Against Competition

You can set rules to add a dollar amount to the price to match against or ignore the price rule if the change percentage is too high. Also, upon each change, you can have the change report emailed to you. Finally, you can monitor price changes and competition on Amazon with the Price Checker. This will show your future price changes based on the rules that you put in place for your products. Any price changes made with this system can be emailed in an excel report to alert you when price changes occur.


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