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Amazon Management for Product Feed Manager uses a 6 step process to List on Amazon which can be configured to run automatically. The Steps are...

  • Configure Amazon Feed
  • Set Amazon Rules
  • Import Current Amazon Inventory
  • Map Products
  • Build Amazon Feed
  • Check Upload
The Amazon Inventory Status Screen allows you to view and manage your Amazon products.
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    Amazon Product Mapping

    With the Amazon Product Mapper, you to map your stores products to available Amazon listings that appear on Amazon already. By linking to the most popular listings of a product, you can achieve the most exposure of a product. If you have UPC codes in your data, or you have an exemption, you can configure the system to list products automatically according to the rules you specify. You can choose to eliminate products by a manufacturer or by a product category.
    Learn More About Amazon Product Mapping.

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    Sync Amazon Inventory

    When you import your product data automatically, you will also be able to sync your inventory from your store to Amazon as frequently as every hour, so when a product goes out of stock in your web store, you can not oversell on Amazon. Similarly, when an item is added back in stock on your store, it will be added back in stock on Amazon.
    Learn More About Syncing Amazon Inventory .

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    Price Against Competition

    Using our advanced pricing module, you can sync your stores pricing to a custom set of pricing rules from matching or beating competition on Amazon, to pricing against your webstore with price percentage increases or decreases.
    Learn More About Pricing Against Competition.

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