26 Sep 2018 
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 How do I setup my Shopping Feeds?
 Shopping feed setup can be done by clicking on Options -> Shopping Feeds Setup. Select the shopping feeds that you plan to setup from "Available Feeds" and click the "Add" button. When you are done, click "Save". This will allow you to configure those
 Can I remove a specific item from all the feeds?
 Sure, to do this click on Manage Feeds -> All Store Items. Type in the SKU and click "Submit". Check the box next to the SKU and click on "Remove".
 I noticed that only 100 items show up when I click on any particular feed. How do I view them all?
 By default, only the first 100 results are returned. To view all results, click on the "Show All" link underneath "All Store Items".
 It seems that the graph of overall traffic may be skewed... I don't think I have that much traffic?
 The traffic graphs display how many clicks came in on your site and assigns them to the incoming traffic source. For example, if someone came to your site from PriceGrabber and viewed one item, it will record the person 1 time. If that person decided to
 How do I remove a sku or a set of skus from a specific feed?
 To remove a product from a feed, click on Manage Feeds, then click on All Store Items. By default, this page lists the first 100 products in your product feed. You can click on "Show All" to list all skus in your product feed. Here, you can search for
 How come only part of my feed is being uploaded?
 By default, our system will only send a product if it has a product url, an image, a sku, and a quantity greater than zero. Also, any product that does not fall between the configured filters of a feed will be removed. For example, the system is pre-con
 How to update product feeds on google merchant?
 Go to build feeds -> Google Base, and click on run
 Is google base the same as google shopping, google products, and google pla's?
  "Yes, they are the same location". Google Base was the name of Google Shopping when it was still Free to list, but the upload method has not changed."
 When I login and I go to Configure Active Feeds, I only see a few shopping feeds to configure. How to I enable access to various shopping engines on my account?
 Login, then go to Options>Shopping feeds set up. From there, you have the list of all engines you can activate. To view the available shopping engines we have available, go to http://productfeedmanager.com/available_shopping_engines.php.
 How to check when a feed is not working?
 The best way to monitor any of the sites is to log into their account. Most sites like Pricegrabber or Google will contact you with issues. In our system, in the Program Options, you can enter in your email address so our system can email you if there i
 How do I turn on/off the Feed Scheduler on my feeds?
 The scheduler can by found by going to Options -> Scheduler. (By default, nothing is checked off when you start your account until you start managing it)
 Can I have a detailed traffic report to be sent on my email address?
 Yes. That can be done by clicking on view report>custom reporting (click on the site you want to receive report, and the frequency you want to receive the report. This will provide you detailed report of traffic on a spreadsheet). Enter your email address
 How do I configure shipping settings?
 To configure shipping settings, click on Options tab and go to Set up Shipping Table. You can either ship by weight or price. If you ship by price, you also need to select the number of levels that the shipping table has and click submit. Next, enter va
 What is the scheduler for?
 The scheduler allows you to generate your feeds automatically and specify how often your feeds will run. To configure scheduler, click on Options tab and go to Scheduler. You can check off the feed to run automatically and select the frequency that the fe
 Where can I see asin for each products?
 Asin is different for every color/size variation. When you view a certain product,just underneath the description it says asin in the product details section.
 What does the field "Command With" do on the configure feed page?
 "Compatibility With" field is primarily used with products(e.g., ink cartridges) which is for google base.
 Can we just submit a csv file to your site to utilize your services instead of using one of your shopping carts?
 You can use a csv, tab delimited or xml file for your product feed. It does not have to be one of the shopping carts we support.
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