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How to Avoid being Suspended from Google Shopping
October 3 2014
Did you get an email from Google that begins with “Data Quality Suspension Warning of Your Google Merchant Center Account”?  If so, there is generally no reason to panic, though it is something that you need to address.  Google has toughened their restrictions on their merchants by holding their merchants to a much higher data [...]
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Product Category Mapper

With the Deluxe Product Category Mapper, users can map their own stores categories to the different shopping engines categories from one master list within minutes, using different category breakdowns. Our Product Category Mapper allows you to set your stores categories to our predefined categories compiled from several shopping comparison shopping engines. This process needs to done only once, and upon building each feed, will automatically set the appropriate cross categories to all the shopping feeds.

This screen shows a list at the category level of 2. This means that it will drill down to the second level and display your stores categories at that level and allow you to map at that level.


Setting the Displayed Categories to 2:

Your Stores Actual Categories:
Car Parts -> Seats -> Bucket Seats -> Leather
Car Parts -> Seats -> Bucket Seats - > Cloth
Car Parts -> Seats -> Bench Seats -> Leather
Car Parts -> Seats -> Bench Seats -> Cloth

SmartFeed will show:
Car Parts -> Seats

Whatever you assign to that value will automatically assign to all the subcategories under it.  The subcategory "Seats" is specific enough to assign to at that level, rather than manually assigning each subcategory.

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