"Smartfeed's Product Feed Manager application has enabled us to save a significant amount of time as well as advertising spending by allowing us to automatically create and efficiently optimize dozens of shopping comparison engine feeds for our company's multiple websites."

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"SmartFeed has helped us optimize our spending and get a better return on investment."


Streamline Your Import Source, No more Excel Spreadsheets
December 30 2010
I wonder how many dropshippers out there download info manually from a dropshipper with product info and inventory info in a file, do a manual conversion to fit the import setting of their website, and then upload that spreadsheet into their website.  I bet its a pretty large number of merchants.  If you are a [...]
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Product Feed Manager
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Product Feed ManagerSmartFeedTM Product Feed Manager is a on-line marketing on-demand solution specializing in the efficiency of transmitting product feeds to many shopping comparison engines while tracking each shopping portals performance down to the click. With Product Feed Manager, online retailers can take full advantage of the shopping comparison market, at an affordable price.

30 day trial With all shopping comparison sites, a retailer's data needs to be submitted in a certain format, being a comma separated (csv), tab or xml file. We allow our clients to control the way their products are sent utilizing the required format demanded by comparison sites and be able to send to them instantly. By adjusting product feeds based on what is selling, a merchant can quickly and easily change their product catalog with a click of a button. Products can be modified, added, or removed to make certain an online retailer is getting the best possible return on the pay-per-click advertising money being invested.

Features include...

It is a fact that nearly half of all pay per click advertising dollars are wasted on low conversion products. This translates to millions of dollars being wasted every day. Many sellers upload their entire product catalog to several different sites without proper management, which is why advertising dollars disappear quickly.

Product Import Methods...

Product Feed Manager is available for all merchants with our file import method, however we have direct product import methods for the following shopping carts...

SmartFeedTM, Inc is a on-line marketing software company specializing in the efficiency of transmitting product feeds to several shopping comparison engines while tracking product performance down to the click.  With SmartFeed, online retailers can take full advantage of the shopping comparison market without being concerned that they may exceed their budget.

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